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Promentor online courses are of great help to both teachers and students. The best results can be achieved by combining the normal classes with our online course material into one flexible course. The courses we offer are great self-study material for all students.

Online courses are beneficial both for teachers and students

Promentor online courses include thousands of interactive exercises. Teachers can monitor the student results online. The online courses save time and the teaching in the classroom can be focused on improving the speaking and interaction abilities of the students. Students can use the online courses to improve their vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, which makes it easier to participate to the discussions in the class.

Our online language courses prepare the students to advance in their careers with the appropriate content and by allowing them to study at their own pace at any time and in any place.

For Teachers

For Students

  • Thousands of exercises
  • Monitor the results online
  • Save time for discussion during the lessons
  • Improved learning results
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Immediate results from exercises
  • Boost confidence to participate in discussions
  • Can study with their own pace and own level
  • On desktop computers, tablets and smart phones


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