Interactive Language Studio

In addition to the traditional reading material, each Promentor Web course includes a vast amount of listening material and exercises. Students can exercise both listening comprehension and pronunciation with the Interactive Language Studio, which improves the efficiency of the learning.



Promentor Winkkaaja

Promentor Winkkaaja guides the students to find the right answer for the exercises.  It does not give the correct result immediately: instead, it gives feedback to the student to improve the answer. Once the student’s answer is correct, the service accepts it and moves forward.



Interactive exercises

Each course includes a vast amount of exercises based on colloquial language. The exercises have been designed to improve both grammar and vocabulary skills. Additionally, many of the exercises also include a hearing comprehension part.



Track the results and set goals

Promentor Web offers two ways to track how well the student is progressing. The administrative interface is available for companies and educational institutions. The results page is available for every student. Promentor Web saves each exercise result, which allows the student to see their progress and set goals. After finishing the tests, the program grades the student’s performance.

Edistymisen seuranta


The Course Material and Service is Continuously Improved Based on the Feedback from the Users

We believe that high quality teaching with a great service is important. We value our customers’ opinions and that is why we made it easy to give feedback directly from Promentor Web.